Week 1 - Liz England's "The Door Problem"

Game design differs from game development because design is the process of asking questions of how things work, if they work, and in what ways they need to work, and game development is the process of creating something - and making it work, of course. Of the jobs listed, character designer and concept artist seem like the best jobs. The former because England implies that you can possibly put a hat on a door (which I would very much like to see), and the latter because drafting possible ideas for a single door, as small as it may seem, sounds like a pretty good time. As for the worst of the jobs, that’d be AI Programmer. It sounds… really scary. And complicated. The weirdest of the jobs is probably monetization designer - how do you decide what doors to charge money to open? What’s the process there? Does someone go, “No, Jim, that’s a free door,” and you’re sent back to the drawing board? It’s probably not as weird as I’m making it out to be, but it stood out the most out of the lot England listed.


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