Week 2 - 10PRINT "Introduction"

  • What is platform studies?

Platform studies looks at the systems, hardware, or machines that code runs on. This allows us to understand how platform can influence both coding, software, and, therefore, the entire design process.

  • In the 10PRINT code, what does the "10" do?

The "10" is the starting line number. It allows more lines to be inserted without needing to change references to them/renumber them.

  • In the 10PRINT code, what does the "1" in "RND(1)" do?

Using the current seed, RND will produce a number. If called immediately after starting/before another input of RND, it always produces 0.185564016 as its result. The rest of the invocations of it thereafter will all be the same, creating a pattern!


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very good 👌