Week 5 - Midterm Update

Okay, so in the past week, most of the game's been finished! I added a few screens (like a menu, game over, game end, and tutorial), removed the capsule/camera look-around because, really, it wasn't necessary. There's now a timer that decreases when the player eats a peanut item, and as per playtesters' request, it subtracts 20 seconds from the timer (which counts down from two minutes). Things that are currently being implemented as of tonight (when I'm posting the devlog) are a timer increase when the player eats a safe item (10 second increase), a separate score counter for how many nut-related items that were eaten (eating just one results in a game over. It's not supposed to be fair, okay? Peanuts are scary). Anyways, that's it for now!


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